October 26, 2010

Walking for a Cure...In Memory of Riley Corbitt

So the whole reason we went to Alabama was to attend the Walking for a Cure event. In past years they have walked from Woodville to Scottsboro, which is 18 miles!! I was happy to hear that they shortened the walk to 10 miles. Because believe me I was hurting at the end of the 10 miles. It is hard work pushing that wheelchair. I tried to get Tylor to switch me places but he wouldn't. It was a good thing I had Amber with me!

The walk started at 10am on Saturday October 16th from the Woodville High School. Upon entering the school we were surprised with a banner that read "Welcome Tylor". I started to cry...how thought of Haley and Paula!! Before the walk Haley let off a bouquet of balloons for Riley!

I was so happy we went there and participated in the walk. I learned so much about Riley! She always had a smile on her face and she loved butterflies. She had to nicknames...Riley Bug and Boo. Thank you Paula, Haley and all there friends for making us feel welcome. See you again next year!

Riley Corbitt

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