October 7, 2010

They're here!!!

Well Tylor had his final fitting for his AFO's on Wednesday. He did a great job while Pat adjusted the braces to fit just right. He wanted to make sure that the braces weren't too long and weren't digging into his leg or foot. He marked where he needed to cut the braces down and where they needed to be flared. Tylor did so well he fell asleep during the fitting.

Catching flies waiting for Pat to make his adjustments

Ty laughing in his sleep

The finished AFO

Pat told me to leave the braces on for most of the night until bed to see if there was any redness from pressure points and if so to let him know and all was good. And I couldn't believe the difference in his walk with the AFOs on. He walks so much better and isn't as frustrated!! Of course he still has an unsteady gait but he doesn't lean so much and there is a lot less pressure on his ankles, knees, and back. The next step is to get the walker, which we should be getting soon. So look for Ty to be up walking around a lot more...who needs that wheelchair anyway right??

Chillin' with his new AFOs

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