October 18, 2010

Brotherhood for Democracy set out to help The Niemann Pick Foundation

I came across a website about a motorcycle club the other day and I couldn't believe they had information about NPC on the home page .This goes to show the power of spreading the word about NPC and that people truly care about fighting for our children!!

By George (memeber of Brotherhood for Democracy B.F.D.)

For some months I have sought a cause for the B.F.D. other than our already important and known cause to restore our country to the proud nation we once knew and the support of our servicemen and vets. It is only fitting that this cause be for the youth of our country for they are truly our nation’s future. This rare and unknown to most disease attacks our most vulnerable. Our Children whom we hold dear to our hearts. We will try to inform and support the families who endure this cruel disease to the best of our abilities and hope you will help us do so. Below you will find a description of the disease and a link to the Niemann Pick Foundation. God Bless the children for they are truly innocent.

Niemann-Pick disease refers to a group of inherited disorders known as leukodystrophies or lipid storage disorders in which certain fats accumulate in the tissues like the brain and liver and cause damage. In Niemann-Pick disease, the body is unable to break down fats completely, so they accumulate in the tissues and cause damage.

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