July 23, 2012

3 Down and only 1 to go...

It's so hard to believe that camp is coming to a close.  He will go for his last weekend on Friday!  We have met so many amazing people again this year that has made Ty's camp experience unforgettable.  They love him so much out there.  It is hard to leave.  I actually was crying as I drove away on Sunday.  It is so awesome to see him having so much fun and smiling the whole way home.  This place is such a great organization for people with special needs.  It has been a blessing to our family and we have made life long relationships with so many people. 

Here are some pictures that were taken over the few weeks he was there.  There is no denying he had a blast!!

Ty and Cassi

Ty and Kristina

Got a little Cowboy in ya!!

Saddle up partner

A little water time with Cassi

Ty loves blowing bubbles

Dancing with the girls image that!  You hotdog Ty

Check out his cool shades

Look closely at Kristina's face...it says I Love Tylor

Surrounded by girls again

Art and craft time

His bear has to go with him too

Look at that smile

Push American guys. If you haven't heard about them. Check them out...they are doing some great work for special needs camps across America.

July 20, 2012

Let's Ride...


AUGUST 11th 2012



1st Stop - Buenie, IA "Hank's"

2nd Stop - Guttenberg, IA "Damn Bar"

3rd Stop - Petersberg, IA "The Detour"

4th Stop - Farley, IA "Dirty Ernie's"

Last Stop - Dubuque, IA "Knicker's"

There will be 50/50 Drawings through out the day.

Koozies and bracelets for sale

Dinner will be from 6:00 to 7:30 at Knicker's
$3 donation 

Please come out and support the fight against Niemann Pick Type C!!  Cars and trucks also welcome!! Please pass the word and we look forward to a great ride and raising awareness about this horrible disease!!

July 11, 2012

Here's to you Rich

Tylor received a very special package in the mail the other day from his favorite camp counselor last year, Rich.  He sent him chocolate and some strawberry milk shake stuff (which Tylor loved!!).  Along with the goodies was a letter and in it told Tylor to nag me to update his blog.  I know I have been very bad lately about updating his blog...but the summer has just been so busy.  So here goes....

I can honestly tell you that Tylor looks and is better than he has been in a while, not that he was horrible before but WOW he is doing fantastic! It is hard to believe that two of his three weeks of camp are already over.  He has had so much fun, like every year.  He has been fishing, dancing, swimming, flirting with girls, doing arts and crafts and playing games while at camp this year. Last week he won the Biggest Ladies Man award...can you believe that??  He will be off to camp again this Friday till next Friday.  It is so weird not having him home.  At the beginning it is nice to be able to run errands after work and not have to worry about time running short but after two days I want him home but I know this is so good for Ty.  He loves spending time with his camp buddies and everyone out there loves him! I have been sending a camera with him so once I get the pictures I will post them.

On the not so fun side of things for Tylor is he got his new AFO's (ankle braces) on Monday.  Boy was therapy on Tuesday a struggle.  Because of my work schedule I can't take Ty to therapy so his nurse takes him. But she said he had to do a lot of walking. The new AFO's are designed to prevent his toes to drop when he walks, so there is less mobility.  The therapist had to try a couple of different "stops" to see which one works best for him now.  This required a lot of walking with the different levels of stops.  She did decide on a lower stop to give him more mobility but as his toe drop gets worse the level will need to be increased.  Needless to say he was pretty tired after his session. 

After this week of camp he has one more weekend and then the rest of the summer will be filled with family camping, Ryde 4 Tylor (August 11), a trip to Nashville, and maybe some relaxing in between all of that!! Then he starts school on August 21st....which is so crazy to me! I feel like he just got out of school and now he is going to be a Sophomore!! 

I hope all his readers are enjoying their summer as much as we are...Thank you for your love and support!!