July 23, 2012

3 Down and only 1 to go...

It's so hard to believe that camp is coming to a close.  He will go for his last weekend on Friday!  We have met so many amazing people again this year that has made Ty's camp experience unforgettable.  They love him so much out there.  It is hard to leave.  I actually was crying as I drove away on Sunday.  It is so awesome to see him having so much fun and smiling the whole way home.  This place is such a great organization for people with special needs.  It has been a blessing to our family and we have made life long relationships with so many people. 

Here are some pictures that were taken over the few weeks he was there.  There is no denying he had a blast!!

Ty and Cassi

Ty and Kristina

Got a little Cowboy in ya!!

Saddle up partner

A little water time with Cassi

Ty loves blowing bubbles

Dancing with the girls image that!  You hotdog Ty

Check out his cool shades

Look closely at Kristina's face...it says I Love Tylor

Surrounded by girls again

Art and craft time

His bear has to go with him too

Look at that smile

Push American guys. If you haven't heard about them. Check them out...they are doing some great work for special needs camps across America.

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  1. Looks like another great year at camp! Wonderful pictures thanks for sharing Jenn.

    Glad you had fun Ty. We miss you!