October 11, 2010

Tylor takes Area First

Ty getting started
October 8th Tylor had his annual Special Olympics bowling tournament in Davenport. I joined in the fun because they don't have a way to transport Tylor in his wheelchair. I it touching to see how much all the athletes enjoy being apart of this tournament. Ty's helper was Sam, his good friend from Jefferson. They had so much fun together!! She even let him wear her hat for luck and guess what it helped...he won AREA FIRST!!!

Gabby and Sam being silly with Ty

There's Sam's lucky hat

Team Jefferson!!
After they were done bowling there headed to McDonald's in Maquoketa for lunch so I told Coach Lucas we would meet them there. Well after taking a little tour through Bettendorf and back through Davenport we finally made it McDonald's. Ty should got a kick out of me getting lost.

I got my eye on you!!

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