October 15, 2010

Friday Night Lights

 Tonight we went to see Ty's friend, Grant, play football. We met Grant in Seattle too...he came as Spider Man!! The game was an hour and a half away so it was a late night for all of us but we had a great time.

Grant is the Quarterback and is very passionate about the game....just like Brett Favre Ty said. He had so much fun watching the game and cheering for Grant or was that watching the cheerleaders? I caught him looking at them a couple of times. But Haley and Abby kept him in line. Haley is Riley's sister and Grant's girlfriend. Abby wanted to steal Ty from us and told him not to be flirting with any other girls. Ty just laughed and got all red in the face. Ok ok ok back the football game. Ty got to see Grant score a touchdown but unfortunately the Woodville Panthers weren't doing so hot. During the forth quarter a young man, Jason, got injured and was taken in the ambulance to the hospital...our prayers go out to him and his family.

#10 is Grant...Ty's friend

Doesn't he look like George Washington!!

The players take a knee to pray for their injured teammate

Grant and the team drink some pickle juice to relieve craps

Ty with the Woodville mascot...The Panther

Soon after Jason was loaded in the ambulance and the crowd applauded we hit the road back to Scottsboro because Ty was very tired and we have another big day ahead of us tomorrow.

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