October 12, 2010

Remember Riley

In August 2009 Tylor, Sy and I went to Seattle for the NNPDF family conference. While there we met some amazing families struggling with NPD or struggling with the loss of their child from NPD. Unfortunately, we never got to meet Riley Corbitt but we did have the honor of meeting her family and friends. Tylor hit it off with them right away and really bonded with them. So in support of National Niemann Pick Awareness Month and Riley's family we are heading down to Alabama to participate in the Walk-a-Thon!! I know driving 12 hours to walk crazy right?? So I decided to make a vacation out of it. 

Niemann-Pick Disease Type C Walk-a-Thon
Saturday, October 16, 2010
Woodville, Alabama

Riley May Corbitt (NPC)
7/27/02 -10/29/08

The Woodville (Alabama) High School Student Government Association will sponsor a walk-a-thon in memory of Riley Corbitt (NPC) on Saturday, October 16. The event will begin at 10:00 a.m., at the Woodville High School.

Walk-a-thon participants are asked to try for six sponsors each, representing the six years Riley was with us. Click here for a sponsor sheet.

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