August 3, 2011

Ty's summer in a nutshell

Crackle pop, crackle pop pop, buzz, buzz, splash, cluck, cluck....uh the sounds of CAMP!  Tylor went to Camp Albrecht Acres again this summer...his favorite part of summer break.

His time at camp was full of swimming, fishing, arts & crafts, movies, campfires, smores, dancing, an awards ceremony (Ty won #1 camper and the biggest cheese head award), oh and did I mention smores....

Rich was his counselor for the week he was there (Rich was there last year too). Tylor and Rich really hit if off. Rich is so good to Tylor and when you see them together Ty always has a HUGE smile on his face. He also got to spend a lot of time with Jason, his friend from last year. Jason is also a die hard Cubs fan.

Tylor and Rich
Tylor and Jason

It's hard to believe that camp is over. It makes me sad to have to say goodbye to Rich. He is a special person and I am glad he is a part of Tylor's life.

Thank you to the staff and counselors for making the 2011 camp season a wonderful experience not only for Tylor but for all the campers.

Tylor is ready for next year and believe or not there are only 331 more day until the 2012 camp season!! See you next year!

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