August 18, 2011

Friends from Camp

Wednesday night we had some of the crew from Camp Albrecht Acres come over for dinner. Rich, Nicola, Katie, and Emily wanted to visit with Tylor a little more before heading to L.A. on Friday. They entertained Tylor while I was cooking the burgers....or maybe it was the other way around! Tylor was really into a movie that was making him it was kinda entertainment for us as well!

Emily, Rich, Nicola, Katie and Tylor

After eating dinner we sat out side so the gang could meet Ty's new dog Josie, yes I said new dog (puppy I mean). I know most of you don't know about her so here she is....

Josie and Bono

While visiting Rich mentioned that the Sherill Fire Department would be at camp on Thursday spraying the kids with the hose and that I should bring Tylor out. So this morning we heading out there. Tylor fell asleep on the way out and didn't really wake up the whole time we were there until....they got him with the hose!!!

Tylor woke up fast

Rich and his camping buddy with Ty

Ty got to hold the hose after the water was gone

Thanks for the fun today! We love all of you and will miss you dearly!

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