August 18, 2011

No fair weather riders here!

Rees, Tylor, and Rylee (good buds of Ty's)
Can't forget about Fat Head
The 2nd Annual Ryde 4 Tylor went on even threw the rain! We had about 30 bikes came and weather the storm with us.  Shortly after Noon we saddled up and headed for Buenie, we went through some rain but we missed the down pour by 45 minutes. But look at the view....

At Hank's Ty got a tshirt and a koozie....what a stud (he loves being the center of attention).

Hang Ten!
Sy and Kirsten
Ty and his Dad
After the first stop we lost some bikes because the weather station was calling for rain all day but most continued on. And let me tell you God was watching over us....the rain came when we were at our stop and then let up for us to make it to the next. I let my friend, Kirsten, ride with Sy so I jumped on the bus. The bus got lost, even though I did the practice ride I wasn't much help! I never pay attention when I am not driving, duh! So the bus group missed the third stop and didn't know if we had enough time to make the forth stop but we went anyway. I am glad we did because this is what we pulled up to....

Our dear friends from Farley wanted to surprise me, to say the least they did! It brought tears to my eyes!! Thanks again to the gang in Farley, you guys are the best!

Ty's Crew
Even through the rain we were able to spread the word about NPC and raise some money! Thank you to all you helped make the day a success, to all the riders, bar owners, and people we meet along the way! It is becasue of you our researchers can keep fighting for a CURE!!

Love You Buddy!

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