August 12, 2011

July 14th-Mayo check up

Tylor's last check up was very uneventful, but we like them that way!

Lisa said his height and weight are good. He weighs 123lbs and is a whopping 5'-11"! His tube feedings are going well and he continues to eat orally. After a little more discussion about his eating habits she suggested we keep everything the same unless something were to change.

The G-tube specialist looked at the site before changing the tube, she commented on how good the site looks. There is no skin break down, no scar tissue, and no leakage. The tract has moved due to Tylor's growth but she didn't have any concerns to warrant a GI investigation. So she changed the tube and sent us on our way.

Dr. Patterson continues to be impressed that Ty is remaining stable. His seizures are under control, he is down to about 15 per month were before he would have anywhere from 35 to 45 per month. He was very alert during the exam....smiling and laughing when appropriate. The doctor contributed Ty's stability to the care we provide and the reduced seizure activity. So unless something changes we will see them again in six months.

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