December 8, 2010

Tis the Season

Tylor has been busy getting ready for the Holiday Season! Last Saturday the scent of ginger bread cookies filled the air. Janelle and I assembled a ginger bread house for Ty to decorate. After the house was put together and dried...Ty decorated it with a ton of gum drops, gum balls, peppermint wheels, candy canes, and gummy worms. He ate more of the gummy worms than he put on the house though!!! He caves every time there are gummies around.

Ty kneading the frosting

Janelle and Ty decorating the tree

Ty and Ray (a.k.a Eddy) giving me a thumbs up

The finished product....he did a great job!

On Sunday we had a small snowball fight or should I say he got me right in the side of the head!!! Ray gave him a snowball and he didn't even hesitate, there was no getting out of the way for that one!! Thanks Ray. Tylor laughed about that all day.

Time to cuddle by the warm fire

My cuddle bug
And to top off the weekend Tylor is now riding in style. Sy and Ray thought Tylor would enjoy riding in Rudolph. I'm not too sure about it but I guess it will have to stay until Christmas...What do you think?

Won't you guide my sled tonight??

God Bless

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