December 17, 2010

Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said....

Over the past couple of weeks Ty has not been himself. He seems to very out of it and moody. I wanted to give it some time after he last med increase but I saw no change. With the Holidays right around the corner I wanted to make sure there wasn't something going that he couldn't tell me about. On Tuesday we went to Dubuque Peds to see Dr. Kragenbrink. He checked his nose, ears, and throat which all check out good. But with Ty's inability to take deep breaths for the doctor to listen to his lungs he thought it would be best to get a chest x-ray and also check for a urinary tract infection. Again both checked out fine. So the next thing he wanted to do is run a blood panel on him to check med levels and liver function. The med levels and liver were fine but his blood sugar is high so he wants to do another blood test on Saturday morning with Ty fasting.

I am a little worried because diabetes runs in my family. I am sure it is nothing but we could use some prayers our way for our little man!!

God Bless

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