December 29, 2010

Arena of Dreams

Tylor and I recently went to visit Arena of Dreams. Arena of Dreams offers therapeutic equestrian, aquatic, and sound therapy. It is located near Hanover, IL and offers 6 to 8 weeks of therapy for 30 minutes on Sunday afternoons free of charge. The facility is wonderful, they have an activity room, a heated indoor arena, and an indoor pool.

We also took Jamie (Ty's cousin), Diane (James's Mom), and Judy (Ty's Great Aunt) with us. Jamie will be receiving therapy out there as well. Upon arriving we were greeting by Karen, the founder of Arena of Dreams, who showed up around. First off the boys wanted to see the horses. We met Jake and Coco. They are so tame and gentle. Jake put his tongue out while Jamie was petting him and he started saying, "No Lick No Lick". Then it was Ty's turn to pet Jake but it was a little hard to get him close in his wheelchair. I moved him up as close as possible and Jake actually moved him head closer so Ty could pet was so amazing to watch. Then it was time to met Coco and she introduced herself to Ty by sneezing on his shoe! Ty even got to give her a treat.

Meet Jake

Jamie and Judy

Ty and Coco

After the horses were back in their stalls Karen took us to the pool area. They have a hoist to lower patients in if they are unable to walk in and many therapeutic activities to do with them. She works with them from outside the pool while myself or Diane would be in with them. Tylor loves the pool so I am excited to get him back in the pool.

Karen also talked with us about doing sound therapy with the boys. It is a ten week program that we do at home with the boys called The Listening Program. The Listening Program can help with attention and concentration, speech and language, memory, communication, physical balance and coordination, just to name a few. Even though Ty's disease is progressive programs like this one can help to maintain the level his is current at. Below is a short video about the program.

We have plans to start the boys on January 9th....they are so excited!

God Bless

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