August 24, 2010

Who needs doctors...moms should get their pay!!!!

Sunday morning I was awakened by a call from Ty's dad about some trouble with his G-tube. So I gave him an idea of how to unclog it and to let me know if he still was having problems. About 15 minutes later he called back that he was still having problems getting anything through the tube. So Sy and I ran over there real quick to take the Mic-key button out to clean it. Well little did I know it wasn't going to be that easy. I have taken the Mic-key out several times and have never had a problem but on this particular morning I could not get it back in. After several failed attempts I decided to take him to the emergency room in Galena. Tylor has never been to Galena so I had some paperwork to fill out while Sy and Ryan took Ty back to the room. After the paperwork was complete the receptionist lead me back to where Ty was. Unfortunately the doctor was also having a problem with the Mic-key button. After three or four attempts she put in a smaller catheter like tube (much longer than the Mic-key button). She wanted to leave this one in which would help keep the track open but the track would slowly close around the smaller tube. This would be much more painful for Tylor when we had the GI doctor put the correct size tube in because they would have to dilate the track back to the normal size.

We decided to let Ty take a little rest before trying again. He was doing well but the doctor was putting a lot of pressure on the belly trying to get the tube in. Again she was unsuccessful so suggested that we wait for the doctor that was on in 10 minutes so he could try. Well after she discussed the situation with him he declined to help, say that if she couldn't get it in he wouldn't be able to. What?? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So the first doctor said the best thing to do was leave the long tube in and have Ty seen by the GI doctor on Monday. The nurse asked if we wanted to try one more time and I said yes but the doctor didn't move towards Tylor like she wanted to so I said let me try it one last time. All the doctor could do was say all you are doing is irritating him. I did agree that it was uncomfortable for Tylor but he was not in unbearable pain so I tried one last time and I finally got it!!

I was a little upset with how everything was handled. I was just very confused with the doctor's decisions and actions. So than I thought maybe I shouldn't have been so persistent and maybe I really did hurt him. So Monday morning I called Rachael Garness at Mayo Clinic. She explained to me that with Ty's growth the track will move and there might be more scar tissue and that this situation was very common. She reassured me that I made the right decision to keep trying. She did say that if the difficultly with replacing the Mic-key button contiunes we will take some pictures of his belly to find out exactly where the track it now.

Tylor fell asleep while waiting for the next try

So I guess we will see when October comes around and it is time to replace it.

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