August 11, 2010

Dinner with great people!!

Tylor had a very special night. Some of the camp staff from Albrecht Acres came over for dinner. This was Tylor second year at camp and this group of counselors will hold a special place in our hearts. They are so good to Ty and love him so much. It hurts to say good bye to them but we wish them the best in all they do! We know they will make a difference in many lives and we are greatful they have been apart of Ty's!!

everyone chillin' on Ty's bed!!

Ty with all the girls

Thank You to the 2010 staff at Camp Albrect Acres!! You are truely the best...we will miss you!


  1. incredible young man with an incredible family, take care till we meet again, lots of love sam

  2. Hey avatar! Hows the big guy doing! Miss you Ty.. come visit me in Brisbane, Australia! Your parents are amazing! Its people like you make my trip across the globe worth it.. Hope everything goes well for you this year bud! lots of love khylee x