July 13, 2010

The River Museum

Last week Ty and I met Grandma and Grandpa Mulgrew, Logan, Jackson, Landon, and Jessen at the River Museum. I know we are crazy....5 boys!!! They were all so good!! They enjoyed seeing the Octopus and playing at Water Works the best.
We went through the new part of the museum first, it is so nice. There is a ton of new stuff to look at. They even put stickers that resembles oil on the outside of the water tanks to show how the oil spill is affecting the wildlife. Tylor was a little upset because the shark wasn't there yet so we will have to go back sometime this summer. We made it through the main level of the original museum then it was time to go. Tylor needed to eat lunch and rest before therapy.

Tylor also liked listening to the Calliope before we left and looking at all the Indian artifacts.

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