July 20, 2010

Bruisers FIGHT 4 TYLOR

The day was very humid but that wasn’t going to stop the Bruisers from winning for Tylor! Many friends came to support the cause and sell koozies, bracelets, cookbooks, and handed out information on Niemann Pick Type C (NPC). Tylor had a lot of friends and family come to support him…he loved seeing all of them. His Great Grandma, Pearl, even came!! He started to blush when he saw his friend, Gabby, from school.

Tylor go to meet another little boy with NPC, Tucker. His family made the trip from Strawberry Point, IA to support NPC!! We displayed pictures along with the story of Tylor and Tucker. I thought it was important to share both of their stories so the community can see how this disease affects both families.

Before the game Dominick gave Tylor a Bruiser jersey to wear with his favorite number on it, #4!!! My friend, Kirsten Adami, sang the National Anthem in honor of Tylor. It was so beautiful. Tylor went on the field with the Bruisers for the coin toss and was named honorary captain! Tylor watched most of the first quarter on the sideline but with the heat Tylor started to have seizures so we took him to the van to cool down and eat.

We finished watching the game by the tents so family, friends, and fans could spend time with him. The game was great and man do those guys hit hard! Tylor enjoyed the game and did pretty good but by the third quarter he was out. Sy decided to take Tylor home to get rested up for camp on Sunday.

Even though it was extremely hot the night went great. Thank you to all the volunteers, family, friends, and fans that came out to support the FIGHT 4 TYLOR and most of all the BRUISERS for honoring Tylor!!

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