July 20, 2010

Camp Again

Tylor was really excited to go to Albrecht Acres for the weekend because Jason was going to be there. On Friday night they had a water fight and Ty soaked his counselor with a water gun!! He was a little tired after the water fight so he rested in the sensory room, he loves this room. It is so relaxing. Afterwards they made balloon animals. Before they went to bed they had a bomb fire and ate s’mores, yum yum!!

This is the picture they sent me from that night....he was having so much fun!!

They let Tylor sleep in on Saturday because he and Jason went to bed pretty late on Friday night. Saturday was a relaxing day for Tylor, they let him watch TV. I picked him up around 2:30 so he could get rested for the Bruiser football Saturday night.

Tylor goes back to camp on Sunday for the whole week!! It will be so weird with out him around the house….

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