July 28, 2010

Last Week at Camp....

Tylor's last week at camp was bitter sweet. He had more fun than you can image!! They started the fun with a Harley ride but you can image the line of campers waiting so Tylor went on a ride in the old time fire truck first. He had fun but he couldn't wait to get on that Harley....I have raised him well!! A friend of Sy's was there with his side car, Dan Sullivan. We thought the side car would be safer for Ty so Sy helped him in and away they went.  By the time they got back I think Ty's smile grew three times the size than when they took off.
Throughout the week they did arts and crafts where he made a photo frame, window art, friendship bracelets, and a rope with beads that spells his name (which now hangs from his wheelchair). During camp he had fun personalizing his wheelchair. They also had a fun fight, I told him he better not get any ideas for at home, played dodge ball, and had water fights. He spent a lot of time in the pool as well, he is such a little fish. And if that isn't enough he enjoyed a steel pan performance (he got to bang on the drums too), hay ride, camp fires (which of course involved s'mores), talent show, and camp dance. This year the theme was Hollywood, all the campers got to dress as their favorite movie star!! Tylor still won't tell me who he dressed as but I will keep working on it!! And of course there was a long line of girls wanting to dance with him,
some of them even put on extra lipstick and kissed him on the cheek.

Attia, Ty;s counselor for his last week
Tylor being his silly self
Well another year of camp has come and gone but believe me Ty will be ready for next year. Thanks Camp Albrecht Acres and all the counselors for a great summer.
Ty's window art

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