June 25, 2012

Tylor's Hero was in Dubuque!!

Tonight I got a call from Ty's friend, Sam, to tell us that BRETT FAVRE was in Dubuque this afternoon.  Brett gets his golf carts/four wheelers through Harris Golf Carts and the owner is good friends with Bubbs (the owner of the Dog House).  Bubbs health is not well so he paid him a special visit.  It is awesome how Brett keeps giving!!  I wish we could have seen him again...Tylor cried when he found out that he didn't to see his friend.

Bubbs donated some items to Tylor's benefit and was very kind to give us a picture of him and Brett at Brett's home.  Please pray for him and his family!!  Thank you Bubbs for your generosity.

A little side note...What is even crazier that Brett was in town is that we were in Cadott at Country Fest this weekend and saw someone with a Falcon Favre jersey on.  I have been trying to find one for a couple of years  for Ty so he would  have all four jerseys from him but I have not had any luck.  This young man was the owners son and after talking to them about Tylor and his story he gave us the jersey!!!  How awesome his that??  So now Ty has the complete collection!

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