May 30, 2012

Road to Discovery, Dean Greg Crawford's Blog

We had the pleasure of meeting Greg Crawford, the Dean of Science at Notre Dame.  He is an awesome man doing a great thing for the NNPDF community.  For the last two years he has biked all over America to raise awareness for NPC and this year he is biking from Boston, MA to Pebble Beach, CA.  He left May 21 and plans on arriving in Pebble Beach June 22....amazing huh?  He will be arriving in time for the Ara Parseghian, a form ND football coach who lost three grandchildren from this disease, golf tournament to raise money for NPC.

He has been blogging about his journey and I thought some of you might what to take a look!!


Day 9: Holiday City, OH, to Notre Dame! 

Today was a terrific day for riding and reaching home for a visit. Peter, a math professor from Notre Dame, and Tom, a friend from Knollwood Country Club, joined us on the sunny, breezy ride from northwestern Ohio.

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The Ride Schedule

Date Arriving
5/21/2012         From Boston, MA to Sturbridge, MA (75 miles)
5/22/2012 Lakeville, CT (100 miles)
5/23/2012 Walton, NY (130 miles)
5/24/2012 Corning, NY (125 miles)
5/25/2012 Salamanca NY (105 miles)
5/26/2012 Meadville, PA (100 miles)
5/27/2012 Elyra, OH (100 miles)
5/28/2012 Bowling Green, OH/Montpelier, OH (100 miles)
5/29/2012 Granger, IN (95 miles)
5/30/2012 Matteson, IL (100 miles)
5/31/2012 Mendota, IL (100 miles)
6/1/2012 Davenport, IA (85 miles)
6/2/2012 Oscaloosa, IA (125 miles)
6/3/2012 Creston, IA (110 miles)
6/4/2012 Bellevue, NE (96 miles)
6/5/2012 York, NE (110 miles)
6/6/2012 Holdredge, NE (120 miles)
6/7/2012 McCook, NE (80 miles)
6/8/2012 Yuma, CO (100 miles)
6/9/2012 Byers, CO/Denver,CO (100 miles)
6/10/2012 Denver, CO – ND Club Tour
6/11/2012 Granby, CO (95 miles)
6/12/2012 Craig, CO (120 miles)
6/13/2012 Rangely, CO (90 miles)
6/14/2012 Altamont, UT (95 miles)
6/15/2012 Park City, UT (90 miles)
6/16/2012 Wendover, NV (160 miles)
6/17/2012 Ely, NV (120 miles)
6/18/2012 Fallon, NV (100 miles)
6/19/2012 South Lake Tahoe, NV (100 miles)
6/20/2012 Elk Grove, CA (100 miles)
6/21/2012 Livermore, CA (100 miles)
6/22/2012 Monterey/Pebble Beach CA (100 miles)

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