May 20, 2012

Special Olympics Challenge Day

The Hills and Dales group was the largest group there.

Special Olympics Challenge Day was help at the Loras College wellness center.  This was Tylor's four year of participating in this all day event.  There are some many challenges for the athletes to compete in like dice bowling, bean bag toss, soccer, basketball, volleyball, ramp bowling, hitting a baseball, and many more.  They also serve lunch for everyone and it is one of Ty's favorites Mac n Cheese, cookies, and pudding!

Sy was his volunteer this year so I could take pictures.  We all had a great time and Tylor got to see friends from last year and even some from Hempstead.

Ty and Sy warming up to YMCA

Look at him kick that ball!

Tylor's door hanging he did a great job making it.

My little Devil

I got it!

He worked so hard it was time for some Z's

He received 5 ribbons that day....Way to Go Tylor

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