May 20, 2012

Therapy Update

Well Tylor finally went back to physical therapy around the first part of April...he was off since December.  The reason for the break was that he was meeting all his goals and we couldn't come up with any that were appropriate for him.  So Jaime thought it would be best to discontinue therapy for a bit and in the spring come back for a revaluation.

During the revaluation she noticed only slight decline but it definitely warranted a return to PT once a week.  There was some more toe dragging while walking and posture concerns.  She had me set up an appointment to get him fitted for new AFOs.  His AFOs now are over a year old and he had out grown them. The new AFOs will have more limitations on how he can move his ankle so he won't be able to drag his toe as much.

He was also seen by the wheelchair rep.  He is also growing out of his wheelchair so he will need new parts for that as well.  He will keep the same base but he will get new arm rests because he is using them more and we don't want him to get sores on his arms.  He will also be getting a different lap belt but instead of a belt it will be a bar.  This way he can't take it off and his position will be the same every time he is in the chair.  There are so many people taking Ty in and out of his wheelchair that there is no consistency on the correct position he should be in.  He sit will be moved out to compensate for his leg growth and the chair will be raised up an inch from the base for better clearance.  He will also add foot straps because he tends to stick his feet out and we don't want his foot to get hurt going through doorways or in and out of the van.

It has been a bit of a struggle for him to get back into a routine with physical therapy but he does a little better every week.  And as for OT he is doing so good that we have gone down to once every other week.

Reach Ty reach

Getting ready to cast the new AFOs

Cutting open the first one

Look how skinning his leg is...

Doing therapy at home...

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