September 24, 2010

Can you hear me know??

Most of you know Tylor will lose his ability to walk, talk, eat, and breath on his own. So it is very important to get Tylor's hearing and vision checked on a yearly basis. Because of Ty's low communication ability he we wouldn't be able to tell if his hearing or vision was going bad. This past week it was time for his hearing test and he passed with flying colors. Jenny, who does the testint, is so good with him. I was a little worried half way through the test because he stopped telling her when he heard the beep so she had him repeat words back to her. She said that he could repeat her perfectly after hearing the word in a faint whisper, which means you have to have great hearing to hear that low. So we figured he was just getting bored with the first test and stopped responding. After the hearing test we went upstairs to see Dr. White. He checked his ears, nose and throat and was pleased with how everything looked. So unless something changes we will see him in a year.

Ty finishing his test

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