September 15, 2010


Tylor two days old
I can't believe that Tylor is already 14!! Where has the time gone? Tylor has brought me so much enjoy. I was going through pictures and old video tapes the other night and we have made some great memories! On Saturday we made more great memories!! The Dragon Boat races were held on September 10th-12th at Camp 17. We have been going to the Dragon Boat races for the last 4 years to camp and celebrate Ty's birthday. Ty loves to see his friends and family so he was very happy to see how many of them showed up on Saturday. This year Ty's Dad and his family came too. It made his birthday that much more special to have both his families there.

Tylor got his first present on Friday night

After we ate lunch it was time to hang up the pinata! I knew there would be a lot of kids coming so I stuffed Scooby with over 200 pieces of candy!! Scooby only lasted for a few swings....the kids really hit hard. Sy and Ryan figured out a way to hang him back up so the rest of the kids could take a turn. After all the kids got a crack at it, Sy the big kid took one swing and rained candy.

While the kids finished picking up all the candy I got the cake ready. It was way to windy for the candles but that didn't stop us from singing Happy Birthday. Ty was slow at eating his cupcake so I thought I would help him get started and then oops I missed his mouth.....

Got Ya!!

Than of course it was time for Ty to open his gifts. It was close to his nap time and Ty was getting tired so he let the younger kids help open his gifts. He got a lot of homemade cards, movies, stress balls, and more. After all that excitement it was time to nap but guess what all the kids wanted to lay by him so he didn't sleep much.

When the sun started to set we started the fire and broke out the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.  Tylor loves S'mores and sitting by the fire but soon it was time for bed. He had such a long day but he did great.

Becky wouldn't let Ty go to bed

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