September 20, 2010

AFO casting

Last Friday Ty got casted for his AFOs. I wasn't for sure how it was all done so I told Ty if he was good and did what Pat told him to do we would be in and out of there. He was pretty tired because they had spirit day at school so he was outside most of the day! After the paperwork was done we headed into the casting room. 
Tylor waiting for Pat

Casting supplies
First he put a sock on Tylor that he marked where the brace need to start and where his ankle bone is and other bones in his foot. Then they use two packages of cast material, they dip it in water and start to wrap the leg from where the brace starts and work their way down. Under the casting they place a long tube to cut along after the cast is set. This way when they remove it they won't cut the patient. After they get all the casting on they rub over the outside and make sure the foot stays flat. It only takes about 3 minutes for the cast to form then it is time to cut it off. Tylor didn't mind the cutting of the cast but he hated when he cut the sock with a scissors. He kept saying ooch and wrinkling his face. I didn't hurt but I think the thought of a scissors cutting along your leg bothered him. 

Pat marking Ty's casting sock

Starting the first cast, see the long tube

First cast done, way to go Ty Bug

There it is...I told Pat we need to use these for Halloween!!

Working on the second cast

See what I am talking about, look at Ty's face!

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