April 14, 2011

What has Ty been up to??

Hello Everyone!

Tylor has been a very busy little (or should I say big??) boy. A few weeks ago he had a speech evaluation to find out if there is a better way for him to communicate with us. Because the disease is not progressing like we thought it would he is still interacting very well but verbal communication is hard for him. The speech therapist suggested we look into DynaVox. This device looks kind of like the iPad, it is all touch screen but it talks for him. He will be able to take pictures with it and add descriptions. We got to try it out with a DynaVox sales rep last week and I think this will work great for Ty. Tylor should receive his in about three weeks. We have four weeks to try it and make sure that it is the right fit for Ty and if it is it's his!!! I am so excited about this...

Last weekend we took a road trip to Milwaukee so watch the Cubs/Brewers game! Of course the Cubs lost but being the die hard Cubs fans that we are you get use to it! Even though they got beat 6 to 0 Tylor had a great time. He was girl watching most of the game. On our way home we visited Tylor's Great Grandma Pearl, Aunt Janet, and Uncle Terry in Rosco, Illinois. He slept most of the time...he was tried after chasing all the girls at the game.

This week Tylor received a bike from therapy, they are letting us keep it for the summer. He lights up every time he is on it. He rides for about 45 minutes everyday....he is pretty tired when we are done. He thinks it's funny to go fast so I have to run along side of him, what a little stinker!

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  1. I like his smile and I wished that he will always smiling. Those were really happy moments for him. I am also feel good to see him happy. Thanks for share these pics.