April 28, 2011

Ty was up for the Challenge

Yes it's that time of year again....Spring, which means Special Olympics Challenge day! But remember we do live in the Midwest so it was a good thing the event was held indoors because it snowed most of the day!! That sure didn't stop Tylor...even though he slept through his first event, team basketball. After his little rest he was ready to take on the rest of the events. He had a huge fan club that followed him throughout the day. His Dad, Step mom, sister, Liv and Kate, brothers, Will and Drew, Grandma Terri, Aunt Rach, Mom, Sy and his helper for the day Samy (his friend from school). He also was a torch bearer in the Opening Ceremonies...they read a bio about him and he passed the torch on to start the games. This was Tylor's third year participating in the Challenge day and he absolutely loved it.

Our little torch bearer

Warming up to YMCA

Making a cool picture frame with Samy and my sisters

You like??

Look Ty is awake

My FAN club

Look at all his ribbons and medal
God Bless

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