November 4, 2010

In Loving Memory of Sandra Kay White January 27th 1944 - November 4th 2003

It has been 7 years today since my mother (Ty's Grandma) passed away. As I sit here typing it seems like just yesterday. I can still hear her laugh, see the smile on her face when she was with Tylor, and feel the warmth of her hugs. I was 24 when God took her from me and I have struggled with that. Especially after Ty got diagnosed I felt empty inside...why was my mom gone when I needed her the most??? I probably will never know the answer to my question but after all these years I have made peace with it and I know she is with me everyday.

My father missed my mother after her passing...more than I ever could have imaged. A short time after they were reunited I saw a rainbow with both ends at that very moment I knew they were back together and watching over Tylor and I.

I have met so many people my mom touched throughout her lifetime and I am proud to tell people she is my mom!! I love and miss you so much....hugs and kisses from Ty and I.

Here is Tylor singing You Are My mom would sing it to him when he was little and we sing it every night.

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