November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas from Tylor and Beary
Tylor had a wonderful Holiday weekend! We spent time with family and friends on Thanksgiving which is always our favorite. As for the rest of the weekend we were pretty lazy. We put up our Christmas decorations, watched Rudolph and The Christmas Story, looked for The Elf of the Shelf, Clumsy each morning, went shopping, made soup, and finished the weekend by watching football.

Tylor and Bono resting after getting the decorations up

Where is Clumsy?

Can you find Clumsy?

My brother, Rusty, stayed for a few days to spend more time with Ty. They always have fun playing thumb war and messing with each other.

This weekend was so special to me...this is how the Holidays should be spent! I love forward to Christmas for some more lazy time with Tylor!

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