March 12, 2013

A Much Needed Update

Tylor had his yearly check up at Mayo in February.  Dr. Patterson is still very happy with his condition.  His spine is still looking good, his horizontal gaze is getting a bit slower and of course his vertical gaze is very slow like before.  He seems to be having more tremor issues than in the past but nothing to serious right now anyway.  The seizures are still an issue but we are thinking that is do to some changes in his environment.  So I am keeping a close eye on them and we will discuss at a later date if we need to adjust his medication.  He was pretty sleepy during the exam but the doctor was happy with out Ty responded to the test he preformed.

His G-tube was also changed on our visit.  She was very pleased with how good the site looks.  No infection or granulation tissue to report.  He is such a trooper when he gets it changed.  With his growth (now 6'-0") the track is in a upward position so it is a bit uncomfortable to have changed.  In time it may need to be repositioned.  Meaning another surgery.

As far as his diet they are concerned that his weight is still the same as it was a year ago.  So we increased his calorie count.  He takes one can of the old formula and one can of a new formula with more calories twice a day.  We don't want him to get to big for the simple reason that I still have to get him around but we also want to ensue that he is getting the amount of calories and nutrition his growing body needs.

Tylor also had reevaluation for PT, OT, and speech therapy.  They will be working on respiratory therapy, endurance, fine motor, and the Dynavox (his communication device).  I was given stretches to do at home and he needs to ride his bike more. Tonight he did pretty good with the stretches and as always loves riding his bike.

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