December 6, 2012

What is Blue, Purple and Yellow???

Tylor's eye and cheek!! 

Tylor had a little accident last Thursday.  He had a seizure and fell out of bed, right on the wood floor, face first.  I decided to talk him to the ER to make sure that everything was okay since Tylor can't really communicate if he is in pain or something isn't right. 

They took his vitals and did some blood work to check med levels.  The doctor also order an X-ray to be done.  When he looked at the X-ray and saw no brake but there was fluid present which usually indicates a brake.  So Tylor was then given a CT scan.  Which did indeed show a few fractures to his right cheek bone. Of course there is nothing they can do for this but give some antibiotics to prevent infection and hope that is heals properly.

I am happy to report that the swelling and bruising has gotten much better.  But he doesn't seem himself since the fall. Not sure if it has anything to do with the accident or not but I am watching him closely and hopefully he will start being himself again soon.

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