February 19, 2012

Pictures of Ty Bug

Here are some pictures of Tylor over the last past few months...sorry it took me so long.

Tylor and the Big Guy at NIH

Ty's Gingerbread Man...Great Job buddy

Jill, Tylor, and Me at the end of our trip at NIH

Tylor waiting for his next appointment

The peds neurologist

Tylor enjoying his art and craft time

Tylor with the Children's Inn service dog.

Image of Tylor's swallow study

Sleeping before the MRI, spinal tap, and skin biopsie

Tylor's tubes for all the blood they had to draw. (NPC 60)

Nicole starting Tylor's IV...he actually slept through it.

Breaking out for a little walk between appointments

Gingerbread house contest

This was one of our favorites

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