December 5, 2011

NIH Update

My computer has been down so I haven't really been able to keep everyone up on what is going on with Tylor.

Here is a little update about what has been going on at the NIH.

Tylor is fast asleep with Jill at the hospital...only one of could stay so we filpped a coin....Jill won so that means a night out on the town for me! Just kidding the NIH campus is locked down tighter that Fort Knox!! The security is crazy to get on campus. It's like the airport. But anyway Tylor is great today. He had a two hour hearing test which he was very good and then medical history with Dr. Porter and Nicole for a few hours. Tomorrow....Spinal tap, MRI, skin biopsy, and more hearing tests. They want to do more hearing because Tylor is losing some of his high frequency hearing which is normal for NPC. That's all for now...will update tomorrow.

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