November 5, 2011

Where did the time go?

Hello Everyone,

I haven't posted an update on Tylor in a while and I finally found some time to get on the computer to do it. Well it has been busy around here for starters I started a new job at Edwards Cast Stone Company as a part time Drafter so we have been trying to get things down around the house. Tylor had his Special Olympics Bowling tournament a few weeks ago, he got third place. His first game he got three strikes in a row....and there were no bumpers up! I can't even do that with the bumper up! He starts practicing for his Special Olympics swim meet on Monday at school. Every Monday they get to spend an hour in the pool, lucky guy! School has been going well. He loves to make people laugh and hang with his friends. He has a new friend, Brandon. Brandon is in the Life Skills program with Tylor and he loves to help Tylor. I picked Tylor up the other day for therapy and as I was loading Tylor Brandon yelled wait and he kissed his head! Tylor keeps touching the lives of others where every he goes.  He is also working on using the DynaVox during school to help communicate with the teachers and his classmates. The DynaVox is a communication device that is setup to Tylor's needs.

We also have been working closely with Notre Dame and have been sharing Tylor's medical records, pictures, and videos. They are working on rare and neglected diseases and NPC is at the top of the list! After reading through all the records they will compile all the information into a 2 to 3 page medical summary. They are also working on putting together a website for doctors who are struggling with diagnosing a patient. We have been in touch on a weekly basis and through email. They are almost done with Tylor's summary.

Tylor, Jill, and I will be traveling to NIH December 4th through December 9th. Tylor will be part of a Clinical Investigation. This is not to provide treatment for NPC but rather to evaluate a series of clinical and laboratory tests that might be useful in a subsequent study to determine if an investigational drug is effective in slowing the progression of NPC. Unfortunately for Tylor he will have all prior tests done again. Here are some of the tests that will be done; Blood draws, urine collections, lumbar puncture, MRI, psychological testing, hearing evaluation, skin biopsy, and genetic analysis are some of them. He will be sedated for the MRI, lumbar puncture and the skin biopsy so he won't be in pain. He just gets really sick after sedation. We are looking forward to this trip and hope that some how Tylor's results can help aid in the research effects at NIH. We will be posting update throughout that week.

So as you have read we are busy around this house and it is only to get crazier with the Holidays quickly approaching.

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