September 17, 2011

15 ALREADY!!!!

September 11th was Tylor's 15th Birthday! We had a blast...Tylor was battling a cold but he still had a great time with his family and friends.

We went camping at Big H for the weekend. Saturday everyone came up for a little party. We had a pinata for the kids which took quite a beating this year. I think next year I will get two, one for the big kids and one for the little kids. We had cake, sang Happy Birthday, and opened presents.

The kids got the adults to play volleyball and Grandma Mulgrew played baseball with some of them. Thank you everyone for your Birthday wishes and cards!! It made for a great 15th Birthday.

Ty chillin' by the fire


Tylor and his little brother Drew

Sorry Ty it didn't survive

Little piggy

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