February 23, 2011

World Rare Disease Day-February 28th!!

Don't forget that February 28th is the 3rd Annual World Rare Disease Day.  There are an estimated 7000 rare diseases affecting 30 million people in the United States alone!!  To me these numbers were upsetting but the next number out right shocked me....out of the 30 million people affect 75% are children!  After reading this I figured that most people either know someone close or have met someone with a rare disease.  This is your chance to WEAR THAT YOU CARE.  Challenge your friends, co workers, and family to wear jeans on Monday, February 28th. Get a collection going at work or school...pay $5 to wear jeans....there are 30 million people counting on YOU!

Click here to find out where to send donations $$$$


  1. So much awareness programms were held at my area on that day. I was attended many of those.

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